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Meditating with Isaiah 20 – How to Become a Christian Part 5 – Free Pardon

Isaiah 55:7 – Is God a reluctant forgiver? What does pardon mean? We will only come to God for forgiveness if we believe he will forgive….with a clip from Leonard Cohen’s ‘You got me singing’….

Meditating with Isaiah no.19 – How to Become a Christian Part 4 – Turn and Receive Mercy

Isaiah 55:7 – What is repentance? How can we sincerely and seriously repent/turn if we have no one to turn to? Sometimes we come to a crossroads in our lives and have to make a decision…

Meditating with Isaiah 18 – How to Become a Christian Part 3 – Forsake

Isaiah 55:7 – Does Jesus accept us just as we are? What are we to do? What is repentance?

Meditating with Isaiah no. 17 – How to Become a Christian Part 2 – Call on Him

Isaiah 55:6 – What does it mean to call on the Lord? Is he far away? What does it involve? This is something remarkably simple and beautiful….

Meditating with Isaiah no.16 – How to Become a Christian – Part one – Seek The Lord

Isaiah 55:6 – What does it mean to seek the Lord? Is he lost?! This well known verse is often misunderstood….so we will try and unpack it a wee bit.

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Ask the big questions about life and faith.


Quantum – the Wee Flea Podcast – What’s Going Down?

This weeks Quantum – We look at the population fall in China;  the last King of Greece; a bombed Church in the Congo; the last Mafia boss arrested in Italy;  Davos, the WEF and conspiracy theorists; Nick Cave on Robotic Music; Canadian’s who killed a non mask wearer go free; Keir Starmer’s values; Penny Mordaunt tells Church to change its doctrines; Steve Baker comes out as a LGBT ally; Caroline Noakes on being born in the wrong body; Trans murderer stands for parliament; Konstantin Kisin at the Oxford Union; the Banishees of Insherin;  the Melbourne Open; and the 25oth anniversary of Amazing Grace.     With music from Buffalo Springfield, Greece, the Godfather, Nick Cave, Prelude and Jelle Boesveld.

Meditating with Isaiah – 1) What is Meditation?

Today we begin a new series on Isaiah 55. What is meditation? Why is it important? How can a Christian do it?If you have one New Year resolution why not make it to start memorising and meditating on Scripture? In this introduction to meditation we look at Psalm 1:1-3 – which tells us why it is so important to us.

Why Religion will Return to the West

This is an important article by Greg Sheridan – which we republish with permission.

The Christ is History – A Response to Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook

Are Matthew and Luke’s accounts of the birth of Jesus historical? In this article we look at Tom Holland’s and Dominic Sandbrook’s discussion of this issue in ‘The Rest is History’ and discover that the Christ really is history!

Coffee and Revelation – The Final One – The Grace

This is the final one of our coffee and Revelation studies – Revelation 22:21 – Even the Grace has something to teach us….

What Is ASK?

ASK is about evangelism. We want to encourage non-Christians (and Christians) to take up Jesus’s beautiful invitation to ask, seek and knock. We work in three areas – media, education and local churches.

ASK is run by David Robertson, and the team at Evangelism and New Churches.

Evangelism and New Churches

Throughout the last century, the Department of Evangelism (now known as ENC) has been at the forefront of proclaiming the Gospel within Sydney and beyond. Our evangelists through cross-cultural networks and community chaplaincy have faithfully preached the Gospel and served their broader communities in many varied contexts.

David Robertson

David Robertson

My name is David Robertson and I am currently working in Australia with Sydney churches as an evangelist. My supreme passion and interest is Jesus Christ. To him I owe everything. I live for him and I serve him.

I do a lot of writing – in newspapers, magazines, on the net and also books.  I am the author of Awakening (the life of Robert Murray McCheyne); The Dawkins Letters; Quench (cafe evangelism) Magnificent Obsession and Engaging With Atheists. My latest book is called A.S.K