In the Market with Janet Parshall

Over the past few years I have been a regular contributor on the Janet Parshall show – called ‘In the Market’ on Moody Radio. Here is the link for the latest show. I find Janet to be a stimulating and insightful commentator and a superb host. Enjoy – (please note that the first few minutes are a news item on Russia).

This is the blurb they used:

Hour 1: Views From Down Under
It’s all news and opinion this hour. First, we look at some of the stories making headlines. Then, we travel down-under to find out what our favorite Scottish apologist thinks about things happening in the world today. We will start with his impressions of the life of Queen Elizabeth II. We will also discuss why the Bible can be trusted. Get ready to think critically and biblically!

In the Market – September 2022


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