20Twenty Vision Radio Interview

On Friday the 30th 2022 we had this interview on Vision radio – on the Neil Johnson show with Matt Prater as the interviewer. We discuss rugby league, personal testimony, churches, Scots in Australia, the Dawkins Letters,  the ASK project, and some fascinating questions from listeners all over Australia – including:  the resurrection body and out of body experiences; the relationship between the church and the state; science, Islam and the Bible; a God given joke; meditation and Scotland…


  • Thank you both for an interesting interview, questions and answers. I am English but brought up in Scotland and now live in England. It grieves me that many Scots (David Robertson included) are so prejudiced against us. Your comment about supporting any cricket team apart from the English is typical. I’m sure this was said in jest, but there is a lot of truth in jest! My family suffered considerably when we lived in Scotland – for example my younger brother was fearful of confessing to his English heritage at school. He knew what would happen! The antipathy is not reciprocated and it’s time those of you who perpetuate it changed their attitude, especially those who have a public platform.

    • Thanks Ruth – I appreciate what you are saying. I am half English myself. My dad was English and I was born in England (Berwick-upon-Tweed). However I would suggest that you don’t take off the cuff remarks made in jest too seriously. Sporting rivalry is not a bad thing – and should never be equated with politics or anything else more serious! I don’t think that the rivalry between Penrith and Parammatta in Rugby League, or England and Germany in football, or England and Australia in cricket, means that people are perpetuating hatred! As for reciprocation – I have come across strong anti-Scottish (jockery!) feeling at times in certain English environments. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone! Having said that, I totally agree that we should not encourage hatred between peoples – but I hope you will accept that that was not what I was doing….


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