Coffee and Revelation 86 – Babylon is Fallen!

Revelation ch.18:1-5 – Why has Babylon fallen? Why did she deserve to fall? Is there any similarity between Babylon (the Roman Empire) and our societies today?

Also on YouTube here

Coffee and Revelation 85 – The Feast of the Beast


  • David you’re like the actor that takes the obviously empty case on holiday – for goodness sake put something in the cup!!
    Anything!! ….. and steer clear of the casting auditions lol

    • I hate to trash your observational qualities – but I never have an empty cup! I enjoy my coffee! Yesterday I was drinking a Nespresso Altissio! I don’t act….I can’t act! I would humbly suggest you don’t take up film reviewing!

  • Well done you some people just have to pick holes. And I do agree with what you said about society, people moan and drop about things and if you tell them where the answer is they turn away sad. Keep up the good work God Bless


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