Coffee and Revelation 93 – No More Christianity Equals No More….?

Revelation 18:21-24 – No more Christianity does not mean more music, eating, trade and marriage….in fact precisely the opposite….

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Coffee and Revelation 92


  • Chin up brother! You have many, many true brothers and sisters who have not bowed the knee to Baal! Keep on speaking, keep on singing, keep on bringing Glory to God!

  • Consolation comes from recognising the growing persecution of Christianity for what it really is – the fulfilment of prophecy which can only reinforce our trust in the truth and reliability of scripture.

    As the persecution and opposition to God’s word intensifies, the ever closer we come to Christ’s return and the time of great rejoicing.

  • It’s tough to put your head above the parapet , but there are plenty on your side .

  • Well done for continuing to speak out , my friend and I are praying protection over you and your family, with your head above parapet right in the firing line not the most comfortable place to be. Take care


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