Coffee and Revelation 94 – Rejoicing at Justice

Revelation 19:1-3 – Would you ever sing Hallelujah because of judgement? The saints in heaven do….why?

Coffee and Revelation 93 – No More Christianity Equals No More….?


  • Am presently working my way through Acts, and struck by how similar to nowadays was the reaction to Christ [and his messengers] back then too. Some loved the gospel, others reacted with bile and hatred: Jesus may be the embodiment of love, but he turns our values upside-down and that plus his sheer authority can be immensely threatening. Thank you so much for persisting with spreading the good news about one who is the way, the truth and the life: you are really appreciated as well!

  • Thank you for this reminder about the victory of the Justice of God. I’ve been away and not been able to follow since 28th Sept. How wonderful to be brought back to your sharing on the reality of the Lord’s just rule. Years ago whilst serving in Manila, Philippines my wife and I saw something of the ministries with the poor who lived on the trash heaps of Smokey Mountain. The believers amongst that community called it ‘The Promised Land’ because they had a clear confidence in God’s eventual righting of wrongs.


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