The Atheist Church – A discussion with Sanderson Jones

Unbelievable have rebroadcast another ‘classic replay’. It was a conversation that David had with Sanderson Jones and others about the new atheist ‘church’ in London in 2013.

This was the advert they put for it – “In Jan 2013 a new church began in London – with singing, a sermon and a great sense of community – but for godless people. Atheist stand up comedian Sanderson Jones who co-founded “the Sunday Assembly” talked about its first meeting and why he set it up. David Robertson, at the time a church minister, asked questions about whether an “atheist church” makes sense and what Christians could learn from it. Justin was also joined by two of those who attended the first service, Rory Fenton and Simon Jenkins.”

I hope that you will enjoy and benefit from this discussion – whether you are atheist, Christian, agnostic or any other religion!

The original show is here –

The atheist church is called The Sunday Assembly and it is still going (about 40 plus throughout the world). The one in New York split off because they thought that the original were not atheist fundamentalist enough! There is one in Sydney but from their website they appear to be very small.

One of the points I made in the discussion was that there was really no need for such a movement because many ‘churches’ are functionally atheist!

On the previous ‘Classic’ it was also a discussion with an atheist comedian – Justin Brierley and Marcus Brigstock

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