Coffee and Revelation 124 – Shut Out and Let In

Revelation 21:27 – Who gets into heaven? And who is shut out? Is your name written in the Lamb’s book of life? With a song from Dolly Parton

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Coffee and Revelation 123 – Heaven and the Nations


  • David, I am so grateful that I heard you on Janet Parshall’s interview of you today 1Dec on Moody Radio. I live in farm country 45 miles southwest of Chicago. I am looking forward to sharing your insightful website with others. Lord bless you brother. I doubt that I will ever meet you face to face on this sick and crazy earth so I will give you a hand shake and a hug in Heaven…we’re just a passin through. PTL
    Mark Demmin Sr.
    P.S. I am the son of a preacher man. A dynamic evangelist and Christian Entrepreneur. For 13 years, he was the plant chaplain in Peoria, Illinois during WWII for the RG LeTourneau Co. RG sent my dad to Bible school and asked him to come home and be his first plant chaplain. RG is a big name in Australia also, I hear. Take care. Have a blessed Marry Christmas.

    • Mark – great to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words…May the Lord richly bless both of us as we seek to serve him.

      Yours in Christ



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