Coffee and Revelation 130 – Trustworthy and True

Revelation 22:6 – How do we know what is true? What is the ultimate authority? Our experiences? Dreams? Academia? Is it possible to know true truth?

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Coffee and Revelation 129 – No More Night


  • David, looking over the Twitter argument you had with the lady from USA, is there any way that you were completely talking past each other? So that your charactersation of ‘hellish’ could be a bit strong. She (and you) were commenting on a post by Aimee Byrd which, as far as I can see, you seem to have misinterpreted _as a whole text_ (Note my emphasis) as some people have pointed out.
    As far as ‘interpretation’ goes there are a number of times you have said in your Coffee with Revelation, things like ‘I think…’, ‘this is referring to…’, ‘this is beautiful’, ‘this is wonderful’. Do you not see that this is all INTERPRETATION? And interpretation is in some way inevitably based on what people could call ‘EXPERIENCE’ — our understanding of the language used, our understanding of context of the speech/writing, what the speech/writing is about. Does this not mean that what we are left with when faced with a piece of language is an interpretation? And that the discussion then needs to be around: does this particular reading (interpretation) of the text seem to take better account of the text itself and the context?


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