Coffee and Revelation – The Final One – The Grace

This is the final one of our coffee and Revelation studies – Revelation 22:21 – Even the Grace has something to teach us….

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Coffee and Revelation 140 – The Last Words of Jesus and a Confession


  • Thank you, David, for each day of Revelation….I have been with you for every one. What a blessing it has been!
    Come, Lord Jesus.

  • Thanks for this magnificent series David – I’ve listened to them all and have been enlightened and encouraged by your commentary. I agree with you that the reading of Revelation makes me truly say, feel and mean the prayer ‘Maranatha, come Lord Jesus’.
    God bless you. Keep going!

  • Thank you David so much. For the first time in my 80 years nearly of life I feel at home with the book of Revelation and blessed by thinking and praying it through concerning Scotland and the world. So devastated by this week’s legislation. Still battling in prayer that it will be thwarted. Our children our children ….sacrificed on the altar of wokeism. Utter rebellion against God!
    Come Lord Jesus!

  • Thank you so much for this passage through Revelation it has been so helpful. Am equally saddened by what’s happening to Scotland, much prayer needed , may the Lord have mercy on us. Have a blessed Christmas.

  • Just a thanks for Coffee and Revelation, very good, and very encouraging/ challenging. Thankyou for your commitment to explaining God’s Word.


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