Meditating with Isaiah 20 – How to Become a Christian Part 5 – Free Pardon

Isaiah 55:7 – Is God a reluctant forgiver? What does pardon mean? We will only come to God for forgiveness if we believe he will forgive….with a clip from Leonard Cohen’s ‘You got me singing’….

Meditating with Isaiah no.19 – How to Become a Christian Part 4 – Turn and Receive Mercy


  • When you know you’re forgiven, you’ll burst into a doxology of praise. You’ll will also from a deep gratitude desire to live a life of service for Jesus. It will be marked with true repentance and a willingness to share the gospel. You will also be more aware that you are in a great spiritual battle. I like the phrase that Don Francisco (Christian singer) uses in one of his songs…

    When Satan the accuser has been whispering in your ear,
    just tell him you’re forgiven that he’s got no business here,
    ’cause it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, it matters what you’ll be,
    there is no condemnation when the Son has set you free.(end quote)

    My shackles are gone but it’s great to constantly remind myself as I read the word of God and pray for more understanding. I’m still a work on progress. Thank you Jesus’


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