In the Market with Janet Parshall – the Church of England, Christianity and Politics, the Monarchy, Penny Mordaunt and Climate Change.

This is the latest programme with Janet Parshall – we discuss the Church of England, the impact of Christianity on the Conservative and Labour parties; Prince Harry; Will the Monarchy continue? Penny Mordaunt interfering in the Church; King Charles and the Covenanters; Government interference in the US Church; and CLimate Change

This is how they advertised it….

Join us for a great conversation on current events from a biblical perspective. Our favorite Scottish apologist will apply the truth of Scripture to some of the headlines of the day. We will tackle questions like – Is the planet doomed because of climate change? What does the Harry/Meghan debacle say about them – and us? What position did the Church of England just take on same-sex marriage? Get ready to learn how to think critically and biblically!

You can listen to it here –

Janet Parshall – In the Market – November

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