Meditating with Isaiah 28 – Achieving God’s Purpose

Isaiah 55 :11 – When we are discouraged God’s word reminds us that it is God’s word that will accomplish his purposes…not our gifts, circumstances or sins….a few reflections in a discouraging time for the church….

Meditating with Isaiah No. 27 – Fullness and Fruitfulness


  • David, please don’t change how you do your videos! You are a real blessing to me personally as we have been learning and eating Isaiah 55….be encouraged….we have the last two verses to digest!

  • Amen David and thank you for your faithfulness in proclaiming God’s word, and for these helpful morning meditations. Let’s pray that the Lord will turn Jayne Ozanne’s visit for good. It’s one thing to read what she says, but quite another to see and hear her speak: may some recognise the ugliness and venom of the spirit behind what she says and have their spiritual eyes opened to the truth of God’s word.
    May the Lord bless you and Annabel.
    Romans 15:13

  • Well said David , I don’t know if you’ve seen the Archbishop of York’s response to Ben John in the synod yesterday , it was shocking and if that is the way the C of E is going they are in such trouble. Also Sandi Toksvig hectoring Christians is appalling.


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