Meditating with Isaiah No.34 – The Lord’s Renown

Isaiah 55:13 – Politicians and ideologies don’t last long…but the Lord’s work in his creation and church testifies to his glory forever!

Meditating with Isaiah No 33 – Thorns and Briers, Junipers and Myrtles


  • Thank you David. Really humbled to have been part of an international Bible study online, since the lockdown. Recently we’ve been studying Kings/Chronicles and the prophets. Amazing reading! I found the history of the people and the repeated desecration of the temple tragic, especially after all the joy of Josiah’s God honouring reign. It was sandwhiched by such horrendous idolatry and turning from God, despite God’s patience and repeated warnings. I found much of it so moving with the parallels to today, but comforted in that God was indeed Sovereign then, and still is now…keeping His “remnant”. I’m not good at explaining…but your “thoughts” today echoed what I’ve been learning. Thanku! We pray on earnestly…trusting His purpose in these times. Hope you recover well with some rest.

  • Thank you for sharing these deep truths! The word of God is eternal and these are the truths we must stand on!! All things will fade away in the Light of His Glory! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, praying for a speedy recovery!!

  • Thank you David for such words ‘for such a time as this’. May you know the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ and the comfort of His presence. Effie

  • Was thinking similarly, today. What a wonderful hope we have and what a wonderful Saviour we have. We rest in Him.


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