BBC Shake On It – A dialogue between a Pastor and a Trans Activist

To mark ‘Trasnsgender Day of Visibility’ we are re-releasing this video. Sometimes the ‘discussion’ between Trans and those who question it is not a discussion. It just ends up a shouting match. Here is an example of something different – a BBC programme of an interview between myself and Victor a well known Trans activist. It is ironic that some trans activists were not happy with this programme and of course wanted it banned!

Why are Young People Rejecting Religion? Part 2 – Seven Misunderstandings about Society  

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  • Good discussion. Respect does not require agreement. It’s ok to disagree, in fact it’s valuable when done with respect and understanding because it can lead to growth. If we only hear blanket agreement it warps our view of really, we’ve come to see that in our political views shaped by Facebook algorithms. True love can accept without blind aggrement.


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