Q and A 2 – Why is there Hope in the Atonement?

On the Easter Q and A the question of atonement was expressed – especially atoning for the sins against Aboriginal people. What is atonement? Why does it matter?

Q and A 1 – Is Easter Still Relevant?


  • David,
    My trusted Macquarie Dictionary (admittedly an older edition): ‘atonement…1. satisfaction or reparation for a wrong or injury; amends …’ and ‘atone … 2. to make up, as for errors or deficiencies .. 4 to make amends for…’
    I know you like following dictionary definitions so I’m not sure how these definitions fit with what you seem to be saying n the podcast. Are you saying that we should simply forget about the deficiency in the Australian Constitution and the (previous) idea that Australia was empty?


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