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For the Love of God, Read the Psalms (Part 1)

Poetry and the Greatest Commandment are more closely connected than you think…

Quantum 242- Cancelled!

This weeks Quantum includes cancel culture – ironically having prepared this theme I was ‘cancelled’ on Monday by Twitter (please feel free to tweet this out on our behalf!) – including Eminem; Submarines (Australia) ; Sex education (England); Dr Jeret Kok (Tasmania); Van Morrison; Paul Murphy (Ireland); Joe Biden on Trans (US); Bernard Randall (UK); Jack the Colorado Baker (US); the Oscars; the London Review of Books; and Hillsong

20Twenty Vision Radi0- Conversion Therapy

This is the latest show with Neil Johnson – in which we discuss Conversion Therapy. Why is it important? Why are progressive politicians pushing this to the top of the political agenda? How should Christians respond?

Sydney Pride – No.3 – Redeeming the Rainbow

Why is the use of the rainbow important? Is the LGBTQ cultural appropriation of the rainbow legitimate? What does the rainbow really mean?

In the Market with Janet Parshall – The Free Church, the Anglican Church, Scottish Politics and Christianity.

Join us as we wing our way ‘down-under’ to hear from our favorite Scottish apologist. We will discuss the controversy swirling around the Church of England’s “blessings” of “same-sex” unions and their “study” of the use of pronouns in Scripture. We will find out why Nicole Sturgeon just stepped down from her position of leadership and we round out the hour learning what it might cost you to stand up for your beliefs. Get ready to think critically and biblically.

Sydney Pride 2 – Humility

Why are we proud about pride? Is there not a better way?

Sydney Pride No.1 – Welcome

As Sydney welcomes world pride we think about what it means from a Christian perspective ….this is a short series of key themes that arise from pride….we begin with a simple welcome

Meditating with Isaiah No. 35 – The Everlasting Sign

Isaiah 55:13 – This is the last in our series on Isaiah 55. The Lord’s everlasting sign – with the full music from Maureen Macleod…

Meditating with Isaiah No.34 – The Lord’s Renown

Isaiah 55:13 – Politicians and ideologies don’t last long…but the Lord’s work in his creation and church testifies to his glory forever!

Meditating with Isaiah No 33 – Thorns and Briers, Junipers and Myrtles

Isaiah 55:13 – Why do we have thistles and weeds in this world? What do they teach us? And junipers and myrtles?

Meditating with Isaiah 32 – The Clapping Trees

Isaiah 55:12 – Trees are so important in the bible…why? With a wee clip from the Tree of Life – a most extraordinary film that gets it

Meditating with Isaiah No.31 – The Singing Mountains

Isaiah 55:12 – Why do the mountains sing? Why is Isaiah so obsessed with mountains? What do they teach us?

Meditating with Isaiah No 30 – Peace

Isaiah 55:12 – What is true peace? What is real peace? In memory of my Uncle John….a man who knew, taught and lived peace….

Meditating with Isaiah 29 – Going out in Joy

Isaiah 55:12 – In the midst of a thunderstorm we look at the joy that results from the word…..

Meditating with Isaiah 28 – Achieving God’s Purpose

Isaiah 55 :11 – When we are discouraged God’s word reminds us that it is God’s word that will accomplish his purposes…not our gifts, circumstances or sins….a few reflections in a discouraging time for the church….