This section is for asking questions about the Bible and questions from the Bible.  In a sense all the sections are concerned with the Bible – because ultimately it is the only book that is given to us directly from God – and therefore we seek to apply its wisdom and teaching in every area.

For the Love of God, Read the Psalms (Part 1)

Poetry and the Greatest Commandment are more closely connected than you think…

Meditating with Isaiah No. 35 – The Everlasting Sign

Isaiah 55:13 – This is the last in our series on Isaiah 55. The Lord’s everlasting sign – with the full music from Maureen Macleod…

Meditating with Isaiah No.34 – The Lord’s Renown

Isaiah 55:13 – Politicians and ideologies don’t last long…but the Lord’s work in his creation and church testifies to his glory forever!

However, we need to bear in mind that the Bible is not a compendium of answers about everything.  It tells us primarily about God and his relationship to humanity.  We are not to turn it into something it is not.  For example, it is not a science, history or geography textbook – although the science, history and geography contained in it is accurate!

This section will deal with two particular aspects of the bible – one foundational and the other more general.  The foundational is simply to look at what the Bible is (God’s Word) and why it can be trusted.  Some non-Christians do not see how God could reveal himself in writing – and some Christians even struggle with aspects of that revelation.

The second part is questions that arise out of the text of the Bible.  Some of these will be answered in other sections of this website – but this is the place for you to ask any questions you may have about anything in the Bible.  We can’t guarantee an answer – but we will guarantee to look!

One of the resources we have is a short (5 minute) daily study of the book of Revelation.  This is a often misunderstood and misrepresented book of the Bible – yet it is a book that clearly speaks to the world today.   You can follow it on YouTube or Vimeo – each day.  It’s called ‘Coffee with Revelation’  - here is the first one (at the time of writing we are currently up to number 62!)….

In terms of resources we would highly recommend Nancy Guthrie’s ‘Blessed’ which is a great commentary on Revelation (see the resources section).

And a wee heads up – I have been involved in an exciting project on the book of Job.  A movie is being made about it and we will be involved in using and promoting that.  Watch this space!

David Robertson

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Trusting the Bible

We can trust the Word of God, because it is the Word of God. It is ‘God-breathed’.

All Bible Content

Meditating with Isaiah No 33 – Thorns and Briers, Junipers and Myrtles

Isaiah 55:13 – Why do we have thistles and weeds in this world? What do they teach us? And junipers and myrtles?

Meditating with Isaiah 32 – The Clapping Trees

Isaiah 55:12 – Trees are so important in the bible…why? With a wee clip from the Tree of Life – a most extraordinary film that gets it

Meditating with Isaiah No 30 – Peace

Isaiah 55:12 – What is true peace? What is real peace? In memory of my Uncle John….a man who knew, taught and lived peace….

Meditating with Isaiah 28 – Achieving God’s Purpose

Isaiah 55 :11 – When we are discouraged God’s word reminds us that it is God’s word that will accomplish his purposes…not our gifts, circumstances or sins….a few reflections in a discouraging time for the church….

Meditating with Isaiah No. 27 – Fullness and Fruitfulness

Isaiah 55:11 – With a little help from John Donne we look at what it means for God’s word not to return empty. Why is this so encouraging….?

Meditating with Isaiah No.26 – My Word

Isaiah 55:11 – How does God communicate? How sure is the Bible? Whose Voice should we listen to?

Meditating with Isaiah 25 – Bread of Heaven

Isaiah 25:10 – Bread is such a powerful image in the Bible – simple, potent and helpful for us to understand the riches we have in Christ.

Meditating with Isaiah 24 – Seed for the Sower

Isaiah 55:10 – What is the seed? What does it do? How do we sow? The promise is clear and wonderful….

Meditating with Isaiah No.23 – The Rain and the Snow

Isaiah 55:10 – How do we know God’s word will work? How do we know for certain that we can be forgiven….? The Lord gives us a lesson from nature…

Meditating with Isaiah 22 – Thinking Differently

Isaiah 55:9 – What difference does the difference between our thoughts and God’s thoughts make? This is a vital truth – that if you grasp will really change your life….!

Meditating with Isaiah 21 – God’s Thoughts

Isaiah 55:8 – Can God be comprehended? Can we know his thoughts? Why do we judge Him according to our…

Meditating with Isaiah 20 – How to Become a Christian Part 5 – Free Pardon

Isaiah 55:7 – Is God a reluctant forgiver? What does pardon mean? We will only come to God for forgiveness if we believe he will forgive….with a clip from Leonard Cohen’s ‘You got me singing’….

Meditating with Isaiah no.19 – How to Become a Christian Part 4 – Turn and Receive Mercy

Isaiah 55:7 – What is repentance? How can we sincerely and seriously repent/turn if we have no one to turn to? Sometimes we come to a crossroads in our lives and have to make a decision…

Meditating with Isaiah 18 – How to Become a Christian Part 3 – Forsake

Isaiah 55:7 – Does Jesus accept us just as we are? What are we to do? What is repentance?

Meditating with Isaiah no. 17 – How to Become a Christian Part 2 – Call on Him

Isaiah 55:6 – What does it mean to call on the Lord? Is he far away? What does it involve? This is something remarkably simple and beautiful….