This section is for asking questions about the Bible and questions from the Bible.  In a sense all the sections are concerned with the Bible – because ultimately it is the only book that is given to us directly from God – and therefore we seek to apply its wisdom and teaching in every area.

ASK 1 – Is There Enough Evidence to Believe?

John wrote to us and said that he wanted to believe, but that he was not sure there is enough evidence. In this video we seek to answer John’s question….feel free to continue to seek…

For the Love of God: Read the Psalms (Part 2)

What the Psalter teaches us about God’s revelation While part 1 of our look at the Psalter addressed a little…

For the Love of God: Read the Psalms (Part 1)

Poetry and the Greatest Commandment are more closely connected than you think…

However, we need to bear in mind that the Bible is not a compendium of answers about everything.  It tells us primarily about God and his relationship to humanity.  We are not to turn it into something it is not.  For example, it is not a science, history or geography textbook – although the science, history and geography contained in it is accurate!

This section will deal with two particular aspects of the bible – one foundational and the other more general.  The foundational is simply to look at what the Bible is (God’s Word) and why it can be trusted.  Some non-Christians do not see how God could reveal himself in writing – and some Christians even struggle with aspects of that revelation.

The second part is questions that arise out of the text of the Bible.  Some of these will be answered in other sections of this website – but this is the place for you to ask any questions you may have about anything in the Bible.  We can’t guarantee an answer – but we will guarantee to look!

One of the resources we have is a short (5 minute) daily study of the book of Revelation.  This is a often misunderstood and misrepresented book of the Bible – yet it is a book that clearly speaks to the world today.   You can follow it on YouTube or Vimeo – each day.  It’s called ‘Coffee with Revelation’  - here is the first one (at the time of writing we are currently up to number 62!)….

In terms of resources we would highly recommend Nancy Guthrie’s ‘Blessed’ which is a great commentary on Revelation (see the resources section).

And a wee heads up – I have been involved in an exciting project on the book of Job.  A movie is being made about it and we will be involved in using and promoting that.  Watch this space!

David Robertson

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Trusting the Bible

We can trust the Word of God, because it is the Word of God. It is ‘God-breathed’.

All Bible Content

Meditating with Isaiah 20 – How to Become a Christian Part 5 – Free Pardon

Isaiah 55:7 – Is God a reluctant forgiver? What does pardon mean? We will only come to God for forgiveness if we believe he will forgive….with a clip from Leonard Cohen’s ‘You got me singing’….

Meditating with Isaiah no.19 – How to Become a Christian Part 4 – Turn and Receive Mercy

Isaiah 55:7 – What is repentance? How can we sincerely and seriously repent/turn if we have no one to turn to? Sometimes we come to a crossroads in our lives and have to make a decision…

Meditating with Isaiah 18 – How to Become a Christian Part 3 – Forsake

Isaiah 55:7 – Does Jesus accept us just as we are? What are we to do? What is repentance?

Meditating with Isaiah no. 17 – How to Become a Christian Part 2 – Call on Him

Isaiah 55:6 – What does it mean to call on the Lord? Is he far away? What does it involve? This is something remarkably simple and beautiful….

Meditating with Isaiah no.16 – How to Become a Christian – Part one – Seek The Lord

Isaiah 55:6 – What does it mean to seek the Lord? Is he lost?! This well known verse is often misunderstood….so we will try and unpack it a wee bit.

Meditating with Isaiah – No.15 – Endowed with Splendour

Isaiah 55:5 – Sometimes the Church can appear pretty ugly….but God has promised that he has/will endow her with splendour….it’s an extraordinary promise and should help us to see things different. The Church is the bride of Christ.

Meditating with Isaiah – No 14 – The Holy One of Israel

Why would the nations run to Christ? Because he is the Holy One of Israel! Why is holiness attractive?

Meditating with Isaiah – No 13 – The Nations

Isaiah 55:5 – As the rich and powerful world leaders gather in Davos – we reflect on how the nations will come running to Christ….

Meditating with Isaiah 12 – The Ruler and Commander

Isaiah 55:4 – How is David (and Jesus) a ruler and commander? How does that apply to today’s world? From St Andrews Cathedral in Sydney we consider the implications of Conservative government politician, Penny Mordaunt, telling the Church what to believe….

Meditating with Isaiah 11 – The Witness

Isaiah 55:4 – David is the witness. Or is he? What does this mean? Who is witnessing to who? Is it the case that Christians are the witnesses to God? Or is Christ the ultimate witness?

Meditating with Isaiah – no 10 Faithful Love

Isaiah 55:3 – Why should a covenant made with King David make any difference to Christians today?

Meditating with Isaiah 9 – The Everlasting Covenant

What is the idea of Covenant? Why is it important for the Christian? Can a non-Christian enter into a covenant with God?

Meditating with Isaiah 8 – Listen and Live

Isaiah 55:3 – We hear so many voices clamouring for our attention – why should we listen to God? How does he speak to us?

Meditating with Isaiah – No. 7 – The Richest of Fare

God says that if we listen to him and eat what is good – we will delight in the richest of fare. We look at this from the CMS conference in Katoomba, and from our balcony in Artarmon, as well as a Chinese restaurant in Chatswood…! With a song from Dave Henderson and the St Petes congregation – we will feast in the house of Zion….

Meditating with Isaiah – no.6 Listen and Eat

Isaiah 55:2 – Why is it important to listen to the Word of God? How will it help us?