This section is for asking questions about the Bible and questions from the Bible.  In a sense all the sections are concerned with the Bible – because ultimately it is the only book that is given to us directly from God – and therefore we seek to apply its wisdom and teaching in every area.

ASK 1 – Is There Enough Evidence to Believe?

John wrote to us and said that he wanted to believe, but that he was not sure there is enough evidence. In this video we seek to answer John’s question….feel free to continue to seek…

For the Love of God: Read the Psalms (Part 2)

What the Psalter teaches us about God’s revelation While part 1 of our look at the Psalter addressed a little…

For the Love of God: Read the Psalms (Part 1)

Poetry and the Greatest Commandment are more closely connected than you think…

However, we need to bear in mind that the Bible is not a compendium of answers about everything.  It tells us primarily about God and his relationship to humanity.  We are not to turn it into something it is not.  For example, it is not a science, history or geography textbook – although the science, history and geography contained in it is accurate!

This section will deal with two particular aspects of the bible – one foundational and the other more general.  The foundational is simply to look at what the Bible is (God’s Word) and why it can be trusted.  Some non-Christians do not see how God could reveal himself in writing – and some Christians even struggle with aspects of that revelation.

The second part is questions that arise out of the text of the Bible.  Some of these will be answered in other sections of this website – but this is the place for you to ask any questions you may have about anything in the Bible.  We can’t guarantee an answer – but we will guarantee to look!

One of the resources we have is a short (5 minute) daily study of the book of Revelation.  This is a often misunderstood and misrepresented book of the Bible – yet it is a book that clearly speaks to the world today.   You can follow it on YouTube or Vimeo – each day.  It’s called ‘Coffee with Revelation’  - here is the first one (at the time of writing we are currently up to number 62!)….

In terms of resources we would highly recommend Nancy Guthrie’s ‘Blessed’ which is a great commentary on Revelation (see the resources section).

And a wee heads up – I have been involved in an exciting project on the book of Job.  A movie is being made about it and we will be involved in using and promoting that.  Watch this space!

David Robertson

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Trusting the Bible

We can trust the Word of God, because it is the Word of God. It is ‘God-breathed’.

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Coffee and Revelation 90 – The Merchants Lament

Revelation 18:11-17 – Now it is the turn of the merchants to lament – what is the relationship between wealth, commerce and idolatry?

Coffee and Revelation 89 – The Politicians Lament

Revelation ch. 18 v.9-10 – As Babylon is fallen – the politicians who had lived in the lap of luxury lament….

Coffee and Revelation 88 – The Queen Mourns – It’s Good News

Revelation 18:5-8 – The Queen of Babylon thought she would never mourn. Why? What does this tell us about our God and our world?

Coffee and Revelation 87 – Head for the Hills!

Revelation 18:4 – Christians are told to get out of Babylon….what does that mean? Should we head for the hills and stock up with baked beans…?!

Marvellous – Did the Resurrection Really Happen?

In response to one of the questions we received I promised to post this chapter from my book Magnificent Obsession here. If Jesus IS risen from the dead it changes everything….

Coffee and Revelation 86 – Babylon is Fallen!

Revelation ch.18:1-5 – Why has Babylon fallen? Why did she deserve to fall? Is there any similarity between Babylon (the Roman Empire) and our societies today?

Coffee and Revelation 85 – The Feast of the Beast

Revelation ch.17 v. 15-18 – The Prostitute and the Beast fall out with each other….There is a great lesson for us to learn here.

Coffee and Revelation 84 – The Beast of Rome

Revelation 17:7-14 – Who or what is the Beast ? Or the seven hills? The ten kings? Who triumphs over them? Whose side are you on?

Coffee and Revelation 83 – The Great Prostitute

Revelation ch. 17:1-6 – John now speaks about the great prostitute riding on the scarlet beast – who is he referring to? And what does this have to do with us today?

Coffee and Revelation 82 – The Great Earthquake and the Cup of God’s Wrath

Revelation 16:18-21 – The great earthquake – and the cup of God’s wrath. What does it mean? And why is it ultimately good news for us…?

Coffee and Revelation 81 – It is Done

Revelation ch 16:17 – John tells us two great truths. The final bowl of God’s wrath is poured on the…

Trusting the Bible

We can trust the Word of God, because it is the Word of God. It is ‘God-breathed’.