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Law is a vital part of any modern society.  Our politicians make laws – every day each of us has to keep those laws – sometimes we break them – and sometimes we are even justified in so doing.   But what are laws based on? Why does it matter?  Should our laws be based upon Christianity?  If not – what should they be based on?  How can a Christian work in an environment where the laws are increasingly anti-Christian?   If God is a God of grace then why do we need law?

There are so many important questions in this – and we are delighted to have Rebecca Lynne as our consultant editor for this legal section….We will let Rebecca introduce herself.   And again please feel free to ask Rebecca any question related to the law that you like….

Cancel Culture and Accountability

“People can question the existence of cancel culture or they can rebrand it as a culture of accountability, but I don’t think anyone can question the stifling and deadening effect of the fear of cancellation – or even just getting it wrong – on art, writing, public discourse and even comedy. It has made the world of ideas so relentlessly uninteresting” NIck Cave (p.222).

What part should Christianity play in the law?

A brief look at some guiding principles for how faith and law should interact in the public square.

What Role Has Christianity Played in Shaping the Law?

Would our current legal system exist without Christianity and the Bible?

Rebecca Lynne

Rebecca Lynne

I've been working as a lawyer in Sydney for about four years, in both the private and public sectors.

At law school I tended to be preoccupied with questions like 'why am I here?', 'how can I live a good life?' and 'do "good" and "evil" really exist?'

I didn't find answers in my classes at the time, but since becoming a Christian shortly after graduating I've come to believe that studying the law can teach us a lot about how our society conceives of itself and the moral universe. It also invites us to ask the fundamental question, 'what is the way things should be?', reflect on the way they actually are, and consider how we can make them better. I think that Christians have a lot to contribute to these contemplations, particularly in light of the degree to which the emergence of our legal system is intertwined with Christian doctrine.

By the time I became a Christian I had already accepted a graduate job offer at a big corporate law firm. Since then, God has slowly taken me down a different path than the one I had planned for myself when I was job hunting at law school. This has been scary -- other lawyers will understand the rigid way in which we tend to plan our careers -- but I have found that the more I come to understand God, the more I have been able to let go of my old plans, worries and anxieties, and understand true freedom.

I hope to be able to share some of this sense of freedom with you through this blog.

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