In this section we will put up radio shows, tv, podcasts, debates etc that members of ASK have been involved in.   The variety of media in our world is a wonderful thing – but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.  ASK tries to get involved, not only with Christian media, but also secular.

Quantum 242- Cancelled!

This weeks Quantum includes cancel culture – ironically having prepared this theme I was ‘cancelled’ on Monday by Twitter (please feel free to tweet this out on our behalf!) – including Eminem; Submarines (Australia) ; Sex education (England); Dr Jeret Kok (Tasmania); Van Morrison; Paul Murphy (Ireland); Joe Biden on Trans (US); Bernard Randall (UK); Jack the Colorado Baker (US); the Oscars; the London Review of Books; and Hillsong

20Twenty Vision Radi0- Conversion Therapy

This is the latest show with Neil Johnson – in which we discuss Conversion Therapy. Why is it important? Why are progressive politicians pushing this to the top of the political agenda? How should Christians respond?

In the Market with Janet Parshall – The Free Church, the Anglican Church, Scottish Politics and Christianity.

Join us as we wing our way ‘down-under’ to hear from our favorite Scottish apologist. We will discuss the controversy swirling around the Church of England’s “blessings” of “same-sex” unions and their “study” of the use of pronouns in Scripture. We will find out why Nicole Sturgeon just stepped down from her position of leadership and we round out the hour learning what it might cost you to stand up for your beliefs. Get ready to think critically and biblically.

Got A Question?

Ask the big questions about life and faith.


Justin Brierley and Marcus Brigstock

I (David) have often appeared on the Unbelievable discussion and debate programme with Justin Brierley.  They are currently re-broadcasting some ‘classics’…

All Topic Content

In the Market with Janet Parshall – the Church of England, Christianity and Politics, the Monarchy, Penny Mordaunt and Climate Change.

This is the latest programme with Janet Parshall – we discuss the Church of England, the impact of Christianity on the Conservative and Labour parties; Prince Harry; Will the Monarchy continue? Penny Mordaunt interfering in the Church; King Charles and the Covenanters; Government interference in the US Church; and Climate Change.

Quantum – the Wee Flea Podcast – What’s Going Down?

This weeks Quantum – We look at the population fall in China;  the last King of Greece; a bombed Church in the Congo; the last Mafia boss arrested in Italy;  Davos, the WEF and conspiracy theorists; Nick Cave on Robotic Music; Canadian’s who killed a non mask wearer go free; Keir Starmer’s values; Penny Mordaunt tells Church to change its doctrines; Steve Baker comes out as a LGBT ally; Caroline Noakes on being born in the wrong body; Trans murderer stands for parliament; Konstantin Kisin at the Oxford Union; the Banishees of Insherin;  the Melbourne Open; and the 25oth anniversary of Amazing Grace.     With music from Buffalo Springfield, Greece, the Godfather, Nick Cave, Prelude and Jelle Boesveld.

Quantum 231 – That Was the Year that Was – 2022 – Ten Countries, Ten Songs and One Hope

In this final Quantum of the year we look at ten of the main world events in ten countries – through ten songs from my top 20 Spotify songs for 2022…The UK (The Imagined Village) , Pakistan (ZZ Top) , The Netherlands (Pink Floyd, South Africa (Bach), the USA (Barry Macguire), Iran (Leonard Cohen),  Argentina (Runrig), Australia (Christy Moore), Ukraine (the Rolling Stones) and China (George Thorogood)…..and we finish with Bach’s St Matthews Passion.

Why Religion will Return to the West

This is an important article by Greg Sheridan – which we republish with permission.

Quantum 228 – The Road to Nowhere

In this weeks Quantum we look at the hopeless direction we are heading in Western society – and what can be done – with Glen Miller, Jordan Peterson, Talking Heads, Royal Racism, Twitter Expose, Abortion – Hilary Clinton,Heidi Crowter, Spiked, Malta, Ralph Warnock, and the Bill Gates Foundation; Pearl Harbour, Sinta Klaas, Dutch Farmers, French Fines, Oxford Restrictions, Senator Alex Antic, Adultery in Indonesia, Chaos in Peru, Corruption in South Africa, Christianity at the World Cup and Nick Cave.

Janet Parshall – In the Market – November

Last week I did an interview on In the Market with Janet Parshall….I found it to be an interesting and stimulating discussion. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

The Atheist Church – A discussion with Sanderson Jones

In Jan 2013 a new church began in London – with singing, a sermon and a great sense of community – but for godless people. Atheist stand up comedian Sanderson Jones who co-founded “the Sunday Assembly” talked about its first meeting and why he set it up. David Robertson, at the time a church minister, asked questions about whether an “atheist church” makes sense and what Christians could learn from it. Justin was also joined by two of those who attended the first service, Rory Fenton and Simon Jenkins.”

Why are Young People Rejecting Religion? Part 2 – Seven Misunderstandings about Society  

What Nikki does here is really interesting. She makes general observations about young people and Christianity, brings in Nick Cave as a witness and pronounces the death of the Church. But is what she says true? Let’s have a look.

Why are Young People Rejecting Religion? Part 1 –  Seven Deadly Myths about Christianity  

This article is part one of a two part response to Nikki Gemmell’s article in the Australian which delights in suggesting that young people are abandoning the Church. In this part we look at seven myths about the church she perpetuates….

Quantum 221 – Injustice

In this weeks Quantum we look at how injustice wrecks chaos and havoc; and where real justice can come from. WIth Led Zepplin; Abortion in the US, Stacey Adams; Infanticide in Canada; Noel Richards; Jeremy Hunt; Eritrea and Tigray; Ukraine war; Yo Soy La Locura; Race Shifters; Nigerian Floods; Woman refused hospital treatment; Keir Starmer and ‘misgendering’ hate crimes; Virginian attack on parents; Australian Christian Lobby; Mum’s Drag Queen Speech; Tom Petty; Ricky Gervais on Gratitude; Matt Redman – 10,000 Reasons.

In the Market with Janet Parshall – October

On October 18th Janet and David discussed a number of topics including spilt milk….climate change…the Andrew Thorburn case….abortion and homosexuality and ASK

Quantum 220 – The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This weeks Quantum  includes The Peatbog Faeries; Ukraine war; German Recession; Saudi and the US; Copper; Manchester – Christian Heavy Metal; Covid – Pfizer exposed; China and PPE;  Vaccines;  ‘We own the Science;  Turbines; Sticking to Picasso; Sir Tom Moore; Coal is Booming; Johnny Cash; Anglea Lansbury; Mermaids; Transgender from the Womb;  Graham Norton and John Cleese;  Emma; Dan Andrews ‘Kindness’;  Ricky Gervais;  Fight the Good Fight.

20Twenty Vision Radio Interview

On Friday the 30th 2022 we had this interview on Vision radio – on the Neil Johnson show with Matt Prater as the interviewer.

Quantum – The Wee Flea Podcast – Has Fascism Returned to Italy?

Has fascism returned to Italy?   We look at the reaction to the election of Giorgia Meloni;  plus women rioting in Iran; the UK budget blues; Primark safe spaces; the Sussex police; can we fly to Fiji?  Jacinda Ardhern and Free Speech; Averting Armageddon; Chess Scandal; Jerry Allison; Hilary Mantel; Brother Andrew; Coolio and How Great is our God…..

In the Market with Janet Parshall

Over the past few years I have been a regular contributor on the Janet Parshall show – called ‘In the Market’ on Moody Radio. Here is the link for the latest show. I find Janet to be a stimulating and insightful commentator and a superb host. Enjoy