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Is Science the Same as Naturalism

Why is the universe rational and lawful allowing science to be a useful enterprise? Why is there structure, function, organisation, and fine tuning in the physical universe?

What Role Has Christianity Played in Shaping the Law?

Would our current legal system exist without Christianity and the Bible?

Trusting the Bible

We can trust the Word of God, because it is the Word of God. It is ‘God-breathed’.

Science, Knowledge and God

Many young people ask about the relationship between science and Christianity – because they are fed the false philosophy that science and faith are diametric opposites.

How should modern-Westerns think about the Crusades?

The phenomena of the Crusades are an interesting conundrum that is part of the historical inheritance of the Western Church.

The End of Law in Australia?

This article was first published in Australian Presbyterian. One of the fundamentals of Western Liberal democracies is the rule of…