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Meditating with Isaiah No 30 – Peace

Isaiah 55:12 – What is true peace? What is real peace? In memory of my Uncle John….a man who knew, taught and lived peace….

Meditating with Isaiah 29 – Going out in Joy

Isaiah 55:12 – In the midst of a thunderstorm we look at the joy that results from the word…..

Meditating with Isaiah 28 – Achieving God’s Purpose

Isaiah 55 :11 – When we are discouraged God’s word reminds us that it is God’s word that will accomplish his purposes…not our gifts, circumstances or sins….a few reflections in a discouraging time for the church….

Meditating with Isaiah No. 27 – Fullness and Fruitfulness

Isaiah 55:11 – With a little help from John Donne we look at what it means for God’s word not to return empty. Why is this so encouraging….?

Meditating with Isaiah No.26 – My Word

Isaiah 55:11 – How does God communicate? How sure is the Bible? Whose Voice should we listen to?

In the Market with Janet Parshall – the Church of England, Christianity and Politics, the Monarchy, Penny Mordaunt and Climate Change.

This is the latest programme with Janet Parshall – we discuss the Church of England, the impact of Christianity on the Conservative and Labour parties; Prince Harry; Will the Monarchy continue? Penny Mordaunt interfering in the Church; King Charles and the Covenanters; Government interference in the US Church; and Climate Change.

Meditating with Isaiah 25 – Bread of Heaven

Isaiah 25:10 – Bread is such a powerful image in the Bible – simple, potent and helpful for us to understand the riches we have in Christ.

Meditating with Isaiah 24 – Seed for the Sower

Isaiah 55:10 – What is the seed? What does it do? How do we sow? The promise is clear and wonderful….

Meditating with Isaiah No.23 – The Rain and the Snow

Isaiah 55:10 – How do we know God’s word will work? How do we know for certain that we can be forgiven….? The Lord gives us a lesson from nature…

Meditating with Isaiah 22 – Thinking Differently

Isaiah 55:9 – What difference does the difference between our thoughts and God’s thoughts make? This is a vital truth – that if you grasp will really change your life….!

Meditating with Isaiah 21 – God’s Thoughts

Isaiah 55:8 – Can God be comprehended? Can we know his thoughts? Why do we judge Him according to our…

Meditating with Isaiah 20 – How to Become a Christian Part 5 – Free Pardon

Isaiah 55:7 – Is God a reluctant forgiver? What does pardon mean? We will only come to God for forgiveness if we believe he will forgive….with a clip from Leonard Cohen’s ‘You got me singing’….

Meditating with Isaiah no.19 – How to Become a Christian Part 4 – Turn and Receive Mercy

Isaiah 55:7 – What is repentance? How can we sincerely and seriously repent/turn if we have no one to turn to? Sometimes we come to a crossroads in our lives and have to make a decision…

Meditating with Isaiah 18 – How to Become a Christian Part 3 – Forsake

Isaiah 55:7 – Does Jesus accept us just as we are? What are we to do? What is repentance?

Meditating with Isaiah no. 17 – How to Become a Christian Part 2 – Call on Him

Isaiah 55:6 – What does it mean to call on the Lord? Is he far away? What does it involve? This is something remarkably simple and beautiful….