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Meditating with Isaiah no.16 – How to Become a Christian – Part one – Seek The Lord

Isaiah 55:6 – What does it mean to seek the Lord? Is he lost?! This well known verse is often misunderstood….so we will try and unpack it a wee bit.

Meditating with Isaiah – No.15 – Endowed with Splendour

Isaiah 55:5 – Sometimes the Church can appear pretty ugly….but God has promised that he has/will endow her with splendour….it’s an extraordinary promise and should help us to see things different. The Church is the bride of Christ.

Quantum – the Wee Flea Podcast – What’s Going Down?

This weeks Quantum – We look at the population fall in China;  the last King of Greece; a bombed Church in the Congo; the last Mafia boss arrested in Italy;  Davos, the WEF and conspiracy theorists; Nick Cave on Robotic Music; Canadian’s who killed a non mask wearer go free; Keir Starmer’s values; Penny Mordaunt tells Church to change its doctrines; Steve Baker comes out as a LGBT ally; Caroline Noakes on being born in the wrong body; Trans murderer stands for parliament; Konstantin Kisin at the Oxford Union; the Banishees of Insherin;  the Melbourne Open; and the 25oth anniversary of Amazing Grace.     With music from Buffalo Springfield, Greece, the Godfather, Nick Cave, Prelude and Jelle Boesveld.

Meditating with Isaiah – No 14 – The Holy One of Israel

Why would the nations run to Christ? Because he is the Holy One of Israel! Why is holiness attractive?

Meditating with Isaiah – No 13 – The Nations

Isaiah 55:5 – As the rich and powerful world leaders gather in Davos – we reflect on how the nations will come running to Christ….

Meditating with Isaiah 12 – The Ruler and Commander

Isaiah 55:4 – How is David (and Jesus) a ruler and commander? How does that apply to today’s world? From St Andrews Cathedral in Sydney we consider the implications of Conservative government politician, Penny Mordaunt, telling the Church what to believe….

Meditating with Isaiah 11 – The Witness

Isaiah 55:4 – David is the witness. Or is he? What does this mean? Who is witnessing to who? Is it the case that Christians are the witnesses to God? Or is Christ the ultimate witness?

Meditating with Isaiah – no 10 Faithful Love

Isaiah 55:3 – Why should a covenant made with King David make any difference to Christians today?

Meditating with Isaiah 9 – The Everlasting Covenant

What is the idea of Covenant? Why is it important for the Christian? Can a non-Christian enter into a covenant with God?

Meditating with Isaiah 8 – Listen and Live

Isaiah 55:3 – We hear so many voices clamouring for our attention – why should we listen to God? How does he speak to us?

Meditating with Isaiah – No. 7 – The Richest of Fare

God says that if we listen to him and eat what is good – we will delight in the richest of fare. We look at this from the CMS conference in Katoomba, and from our balcony in Artarmon, as well as a Chinese restaurant in Chatswood…! With a song from Dave Henderson and the St Petes congregation – we will feast in the house of Zion….

Meditating with Isaiah – no.6 Listen and Eat

Isaiah 55:2 – Why is it important to listen to the Word of God? How will it help us?

Meditating with Isaiah – 5) Work That Satisfies

Isaiah 55:2 – What is job satisfaction? Why do we work for what does not satisfy? How does that apply in a spiritual sense?

Meditating with Isaiah 4 – Buying Bread

Isaiah 55:2 – Why is bread so important? What does it have to do with meditation…we look at this with some help from Thomas Manton….

Meditating with Isaiah – 3) Come Buy and Eat

Isaiah 55:1 – How can you buy something if you have no money? What costs nothing? Can we buy salvation? Can we buy our own stairway to heaven?